•  Tungsten (W)

           •  Molybdenum (Mo)

           •  Titanium (Ti)



Advanced Applications

         •  High Temperature Vacuum

         •  Medical Technology

         •  Mono Silicon & Sapphire 

         •  Ceramic & Glass Technology

         •   PVD Coating Technology

         •   Power Electrical Technology





Shanghai city is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the longest river in China, on the west bank of the East China Sea and in the middle of China's coastline. Through its coastal position Shanghai acts as a link between China¨s inland regions and the outside world, and it is comfortable with both eastern and western cultures.

With a history of more than 700 years, Shanghai was once the financial center of the Far East. Since the reforms that began in the 1990¨s great changes have taken place in the city. Shanghai is being into a modern metropolis and a global economic, financial, trading and shipping center.                







      Night view at the Bund of Shanghai                     Pudong New Area, Shanghai Financial Trade zone


     Convenient transportation meglev Train                  Shanghai PVG International Airport

Today, with a land area covering 6,340 square kilometers and a population of 16 million people, Shanghai has become the largest economic center in China and an important port city. It has maintained a GDP growth rate of over 10 percent in the last 11 years. More than 100 foreign countries and regions have investments in some 30,000 local projects, taking advantage of the 74 deep-water berths and 20 international container piers at the Shanghai Port. The Yangshan International Deep Water Port that is currently under construction is expected to give a modern twist to the port city. Hongqiao and PVG Pudong International airports link Shanghai with 141 cities in 29 foreign countries and regions everyday.

The fluent communications systems and exchanges between people, commodities, capital, technology and information has made Shanghai a vibrant city.

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