•  Tungsten (W)

           •  Molybdenum (Mo)

           •  Titanium (Ti)



Advanced Applications

         •  High Temperature Vacuum

         •  Medical Technology

         •  Mono Silicon & Sapphire 

         •  Ceramic & Glass Technology

         •   PVD Coating Technology

         •   Power Electrical Technology






Ceramic & Glass Technology

Glass manufacturing demands the utmost advanced technology material with high purity, anti-erosion, longer lifetime and less particle emissions property in the melting process which are very key requirements for glass manufacturing.


Our Products——                                                                                                                                                  

Tungsten Iridium Nozzle——for RCF outflowing manufacturing


W-Ir Nozzle for thermal insulation ceramics wool and Refractory ceramic fiber (RCF) outflowing production

Tungsten-Iridium nozzle( W-Ir nozzle) and Mo plate or Rod electrode are going with wide application in Refractory thermal insulation Ceramic or Glass, fiber and Wool products manufacturing.    

W-Ir Nozzle is very important key parts inside two kinds of processing ways which are always used in application for your high quality refractory ceramics fiber production.

RCFs are either blown or spun from molten clay (kaolin), or, molten alumina and silica mixtures (roughly 50% each). The diameters of fibers produced are usually between 1-3 microns(µm).

We have best manufacturing technology to provide the precious metal Iridium insert which ensure best anti-erosion property and accurate outflow ability to protect high temperature outflowing flushing out. the Ir insert perfectly fixed into the nozzle body made of tungsten, the tungsten nozzle with Ir insert protects the ceramics melting furnaces undergoing for a longer life time in high melting temperature above 20000C.


                                                            Blown Processing       


                                                        Spinning or Spun Processing



Molybdenum Electrodes ——for Ceramics&Glass melting 

Mo glass melting electrodes for glass electrical melting


The melting process of the raw material for ceramic wool and fiber production is always by electrical heating with electrode, especially designed plate and Rod electrodes are generally used.

We can provide stable quality Mo material with plate and Rod electrodes based on uniform density, purity and fine metal grain strength property.

Whether your high temperature, high purity requirements are conventional or exotic, XGM  has the better solutions for you.


Advantage of XGM Ceramics&Glass melting  parts:

- long term stock for your ready choice     

- smoothed forged and chemically cleaned surface with quality     

- uniform grain with densified microstructure ensures longer lifetime

- ready for use parts with precise machining tolerance.


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